The Top Headlines In World Investment News

Whether you’re an established, experienced investor or you’re looking to start your own investment portfolio, it’s well worth keeping up to date with the latest investment news. To learn about how different investment options are faring in the current economic climate, simply continue reading to discover the top headlines in world investment news!

World Investment News:

1. Crytpocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin finally drop in price

Individuals who are looking to strike it rich by investing in digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, may be shocked by their cryptocurrencies share prices slipping substantially. As an example, Bitcoin’s share price has dipped under $8,000, for the first time in months. Which has many investors worried that the end may be near for Bitcoin. Which is the first cryptocurrency to make a name for itself on the world stage. In fact, in a single day Bitcoin had dropped from $8,500 to $8,000 in a
single day.

Other examples of popular cryptocurrencies which have plummeted in price include Ripple, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Stellar.

2. Tesla’s stock price plummets

While Tesla’s stock prices initially went from strength to strength, in the last few days Tesla’s share price have plummeted, losing 15% of its value in just 19 trading days. While Tesla already dominates the market for electric cars, in the past year Tesla burnt through a staggering $3.5 billion dollars. Which means that Tesla needs to manufacture far more cars per year in order to make a larger profit, that it’s currently making.

While it’s a wise move for Tesla to invest in research and development, which will pay off in the long term, if Tesla is to make a decent return on investment for its shareholders in the short term, Tesla must work harder to release a greater number of electric cars. Instead of focusing all of its efforts on selling its luxury models.

3. Gold prices rise steadily over the past few weeks

While the market price of digital currencies may have plummeted over the past couple of weeks, gold prices have risen significantly over the past few weeks. Making a gold a far wiser investment option than cryptocurrencies, as least for the time being.

In fact, over the past week gold prices have risen against most major currencies. Examples of which the US dollar, the yen and the Euro. One of the reasons why gold prices have risen in the US is that the federal government has sought not to increase inflation levels.

4. US dollar falls slightly as a consequence of a potential trade war between the US and China

During the past week, the perceived chances of a costly trade war between the US and China, has caused the US dollar to fall slightly. After Donald Trump announced the possibility of placing higher tariffs on goods imported from foreign countries such as China. A move which has angered and insulted China’s government. Who exports a significant amount of products to the US each year.

Hopefully after reading the 4 investment related pieces of news listed above, you’ll be able to make wise, informed investment decisions.

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