Top Fitness Trends To Try Out

If you’re the type of person who can easily bore of a monotonous workout regime, it’s well worth continuing reading on to discover a wide array of fitness trends, which can spice up your daily workouts. As the more fun you have working out, the more likely you are to keep to your exercise regime!

Top Fitness Trends to Try Out:

1. Kettle bell

Instead of lifting traditional weights such as dumbbells you may want to consider investing in an inexpensive kettle bell, which can set you back as little as $20. Kettle bells can be used for a variety of exercises and can help tone your core muscles as well as your biceps and forearms.

2. Medicine ball

Another inexpensive piece of workout equipment, which you may want to consider purchasing in a medicine ball. Which can be purchased in a variety of different weights, to suit your strength level and your personal preferences.

Examples of fun exercises which you can complete in the comfort of your own home with a cheap medicine ball include partner sit ups, where you complete a sit up and pass your medicine ball or throw your medicine ball to your partner and lumber jack swings. The latter of which involve standing up and simulating an axe swing using your medicine ball.

You can even use your medicine ball to add an extra challenge to your push ups. Simply start off by getting your body into a plank position with your hands resting on your medicine ball and complete your set of push ups.

3. Boot camp classes

If you’d prefer to work out in the great outdoors than in a gym, you might be interested in signing up for a boot camp style fitness class. Which will normally involve running, speed based drills and strength work with weighted ropes and items such as medicine balls and kettle bells.

4. Cross fit classes

If you love to mix your work outs up and challenge your body, you might be interested in taking up cross fit as a hobby as cross fit in a multi-disciplinary sport which is taking the world by storm. If you attend cross fit classes expect to run 5km, lift Olympic style weights, swim, run backwards, jump rope and complete challenging bur-pees.

5. Kickboxing calories

An average kickboxing class should burn more calories than a run or a gym session, so if you’re looking to work up a sweat and lose weight, it’s well worth giving kickboxing a go. Especially, if one of your goals for the year is to get into the best shape of your life. Who knows, if you get a kick out of kickboxing classes, you may be interested in training for an amateur fight!

If you’re sick of spending countless hours running on a treadmill and are looking for a few fun ways to spice up your weekly exercise regime, it’s well worth trying out one of the fun-filled workout suggestions listed above. As you should end up having a lot more fun than you would in a gym!

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