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If you’re curious about finding out about the latest world news, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover some of the most intriguing, engaging news stories to feature in international headlines.

The Latest World News:

1. Trump’s daughter in law files for divorce from his son Donald Trump Junior

In the wake of allegations that President Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania Trump after ex adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels alleged that she had an affair with Trump, a year into his marriage to Melania, Trump’s son Donald Trump Junior and his wife Vanessa have filed for divorce.

Which may come as a shock to some as the two were married for over a decade. However, the two have since been pictured spending time with their children at the senior Donald Trump’s Florida based resort Mar-a-Lago. So it seems that Donald Trump Junior and Vanessa are prepared to co-parent their children amicably. Although some journalists suggest that the two may be putting on brave faces in order to protect the Trump family’s image.

2. The world’s most famous physicist Stephen Hawking passes away

On the 14th of March, Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76. Hawking developed the theory of relatively and was recognized world wide for his research on black holes. Hawking is also well known for his ground breaking book “A Brief History of Time”.

Hawking who suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease and who spent the majority of his adult life in a wheel chair, was immortalized in the film “The Theory of Everything”, which was released in 2014 and won multiple Oscars.

3. Most of Deaths at Siberian mall were avoidable

You may have heard that 64 individuals tragically lost their lives at a fire in a Siberian mall, in the past few days. Investigations now confirm that most of the fatalities could of been avoided if the mall’s fire alarms weren’t switched off and the buildings fire exits weren’t blocked. Critical errors, which trapped dozens of helpless individuals in the Winter Cherry Mall, whilst a raging fire spread through the building.

4. Facebook under investigation

The world’s most used social media site Facebook is being investigated for ignoring privacy regulations and failing to protect its users from having their personal details sold on to businesses.

5. Western nations expel over 100 Russian diplomats

In recent weeks Britain choose to expel Russian diplomats who resided in Britain in retaliation of Russia, poisoning an ex Russian spy and his daughter who resided in Britain. Since Britain chose to punish Russia for denying that there was any Russian involvement in the nerve agent scandal over 100 Russian diplomats have been expelled from western nations such as Australia, USA, Canada and Germany.

6. Brazilian senate consider lifting sugar cane ban

Brazil’s senate is seriously considering lifting a sugar cane production ban, which was was put in place in order to protect the Amazon’s environment. As sugar cane production, is a huge money earner for Brazil and the Brazilian government is looking for new ways to boost the country’s GDP.

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