4 Top News Stories Which Are Well Worth Reading

If you enjoy keeping up to date with current news stories, simply continue reading to learn about 4 of the top news stories which have been trending during the past week. An example of which includes a fiery blaze which killed 64 individuals in a mall in Siberia.

4 Top news stories which are well worth reading:

1. Over 64 individuals killed in a shopping center fire in Russia

Over 64 shoppers at the Winter Cherry Complex in Kemerovo, Siberia were killed as a result of an uncontrolled blaze which swept through the upper levels of the popular shopping complex and entertainment center. Disturbing video footage, has been recorded showing of panicked individuals trying to jump out of the building’s windows. While a team of 600 emergency response teams spent 17 hours trying to put out the towering flames.

Staff at the shopping center claim that the deadly fire started on the fourth floor of the Winter Cherry Complex and quickly spread through the third and forth floors of the complex. As the fourth floor housed the entertainment complex’s children’s playground, young children were among the victims of the fiery blaze.

2. Russian diplomats expelled from over 20 nations

Following the Russian government’s dismissal of any Russian involvement in poisoning ex Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal, with a nerve agent in London, numerous countries have chosen to expel any Russian diplomats which may be residing within their countries’ borders.

Examples of nations who have chosen to support Britain and follow British Prime Minister Theresa May’s example include the United States, France, Germany, Canada and Norway. In total more than 20 countries, have chosen to show their distaste for Russia’s actions by expelling any Russian diplomats, who live within their borders.

3. Stormy Daniels accuses Trumps lawyer of defamation

In recent weeks reports have surfaced which suggest that President Donald Trump, had his lawyer pay adult film entertainer Stormy Daniels, to stay silent about an affair which she shared with the former star of the reality show “The Apprentice”. The alleged affair between the President and the former adult entertainer, took place a decade ago. However at the time, the President was already married to his current wife, Melania.

As the drama between Daniels and Trump has escalated in the recent weeks as Daniels has gone public with her side of the story, Trump’s lawyer has denied Daniels allegations and in retaliation Daniels has chosen to take Trump’s lawyer to court on serious defamation charges.

4. North Korean train arrives in Beijing, China

After a mysterious, luxury North Korean train arrives in Beijing, China, rumors have spread that the leader of one of the world’s most secretive states, Kim Jon-Un may have arrived in Beijing, in order to conduct talks with China’s president. The 21 car train which arrived in Beijing at 3pm, was greeted by an honor guard and a plethora of VIP cards. If Kim Jong-Un is indeed in China, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as China is one of North Korea’s few political allies.

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